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Quarry Hill Insights

Your Guide to Social Responsible Investing Thumbnail

Your Guide to Social Responsible Investing

Many people seek to also add value to the money they make and their investment practices. They are working toward creating an estate plan that aligns their money with what they value most in this world. They want to take care of their families, donate money to charities and causes they care deeply about, and support parts of their community they love. Is there a financial practice that embodies investing money in a valuable way? Yes, and the answer is called Socially responsible investing or SRI.

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How to Find Community in Retirement Thumbnail

How to Find Community in Retirement

What will retirement be like for you? Will you move to a quaint cottage in northern Minnesota? Open a resale bookshop in your favorite part of town? Or even go skydiving on a random Tuesday afternoon? Having the time to experience life to the fullest is often a welcome change of pace after leaving a hustling and bustling career.

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How Much Money Do You Need to Retire? Thumbnail

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

To combat the fear of a dissatisfying retirement, many pre-retirees are working toward bigger savings goals. But saving more isn’t necessarily the right solution. Throwing more money at the problem doesn’t equal a satisfying retirement. Instead of trying to bulk up your retirement savings, focus on your values first.

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Top 10 Investing Truths Thumbnail

Top 10 Investing Truths

I can think of examples for each of these truths, if applied, they would have saved someone an enormous of amount of heart ache (and money!).

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