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Quarry Hill Insights

Investing During a Pandemic Thumbnail

Investing During a Pandemic

Most of us had no mental framework for what a global pandemic would even look like. Movies like Contagion and Outbreak seemed more fantasy than a possibility for which we needed to prepare ourselves. But here we are, in the middle of a real "outbreak" and a self-imposed economic shutdown to contain it.

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What Should I Do When My Company Goes IPO? Thumbnail

What Should I Do When My Company Goes IPO?

So your company has decided to go IPO. Now what? An IPO is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming: you’ve received a sudden windfall, but you may not know how to navigate all the potential implications of an IPO.

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Avoiding Yesterday's Disaster Thumbnail

Avoiding Yesterday's Disaster

It was just another ordinary travel day for Jennifer Riordan. As a 43-year-old bank executive and mother of two, she was well accustomed to business travel. She kissed her kids goodbye and headed to the airport to board Southwest flight 1380 bound for Philadelphia.

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Don't Be a "Christmas Card" Investor Thumbnail

Don't Be a "Christmas Card" Investor

You likely received a few Christmas cards in the mail this year. Did you receive any cards where the parents had their eyes closed? Any with a child throwing a tantrum? Picking their nose? Probably not.

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Quarterly Stock Market Review Q4 2018 Thumbnail

Quarterly Stock Market Review Q4 2018

2018 included numerous examples of the difficulty of predicting the performance of markets, the importance of diversification, and the need to maintain discipline if investors want to effectively pursue the long-term returns the capital markets offer.

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Your Guide to Social Responsible Investing Thumbnail

Your Guide to Social Responsible Investing

Many people seek to also add value to the money they make and their investment practices. They are working toward creating an estate plan that aligns their money with what they value most in this world. They want to take care of their families, donate money to charities and causes they care deeply about, and support parts of their community they love. Is there a financial practice that embodies investing money in a valuable way? Yes, and the answer is called Socially responsible investing or SRI.

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How to Find Community in Retirement Thumbnail

How to Find Community in Retirement

What will retirement be like for you? Will you move to a quaint cottage in northern Minnesota? Open a resale bookshop in your favorite part of town? Or even go skydiving on a random Tuesday afternoon? Having the time to experience life to the fullest is often a welcome change of pace after leaving a hustling and bustling career.

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How Much Money Do You Need to Retire? Thumbnail

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

To combat the fear of a dissatisfying retirement, many pre-retirees are working toward bigger savings goals. But saving more isn’t necessarily the right solution. Throwing more money at the problem doesn’t equal a satisfying retirement. Instead of trying to bulk up your retirement savings, focus on your values first.

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