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Takeaways from XY Planning Network Conference  Thumbnail

Takeaways from XY Planning Network Conference

What is XYPN?

The XY Planning Network is made up of next generation financial planners who are interested in disrupting financial advice as we know it. The network is leading the charge in not only making true financial planning available to a younger generation but leveraging technology to create a cutting edge client experience.

I believe XYPN is the future of financial planning which is why I joined the network when launching Quarry Hill Advisors. Since its inception in 2014, XYPN has grown from 30 financial planning firms to nearly 500 (!) in 2017. 

Better Financial Planning

Mitch Anthony, a frequent financial industry speaker, gave the keynote address on the true value of financial planning. The technology we employ in our practices is exciting and fun, but its chief purpose is to free up the financial planner to deliver what only a human can --  empathy, encouragement, accountability, and strategy. 

Ongoing, proactive financial planning ensure that I am always helping you "PREpare, rather than REpair." As we work together and meet regularly, we'll catch problems while they are still small and make the appropriate plans for transitions on the horizon. 

After all, Mitch said, money is just a tool, and my job is to help you figure out what you are going to use it for. I'm here to ensure you have the motivation to get up in the morning, so that in the future, you have enough money to sleep at night. 

Practice Management

The conference breakout sessions covered a wide variety of topics -- and with four different sessions happening simultaneously. The first session had to do with creating an Investment Communication Plan which I am excited to implement. As many of you know, I have a cohesive investment philosophy and a strict investment process. In the future, through blog posts, news letters, and client review meetings, I hope to continually keep you informed of my thoughts on the current market in light of a consistent presentation of Quarry Hills core beliefs as it relates to portfolio management. 

Additionally, I learned best practices on hiring admin staff and young advisors and creating systems and process to keep my firm back office running efficiently. 


Because we are a network of forward thinking advisors, XYPN held a competition for new software coming to market. In addition to the competition, over 100 vendors held exhibits during the middle of the conference. In many cases, I was able to connect with the engineers behind my software and give them feedback on what I think can be improved so I can offer my clients even more. 

As an independent advisor, I'm able to choose any tool I want if I think it will enhance my service offering. After this week, I'll be testing a portfolio rebalancing software, client risk tolerance software, and portfolio analysis solutions to make sure I am at the fore front of what is currently available. After all,  the better tools I have, the better client experience you will have with Quarry Hill. And the more my back office software tools can integrate with one another, the more time I will have freed up to spend time on what matters to you the most.

The week was intense and I have pages of notes still to digest. But I can already tell, those four days in Dallas have made me a better financial planner and investment advisor.